FanDuel: Top 3 Point Guards 3/14/17

1. Russell Westbrook ($13,400) vs. Jeremy Lin (Brooklyn Nets)

A glance at his last three games:

vs. Utah Jazz  70.2 FDP in 36 min
vs. San Antonio Spurs  59.1 FDP in 35 min
vs. Portland Trail Blazers 79.1 FDP in 36 min

Analysis: Westbrook is the most consistent player that is putting out these type of numbers. While his price is high his return is just as high. Expect him to have another high scoring night against Jeremy Lin.

2.Damian Lillard ($8,800) vs. Jrue Holiday (New Orleans Pelicans)

A glance at his last three games:

@Phoenix Suns  47.2 FDP in 38 min
vs. Washington Wizards  41.1 FDP in 36 min
vs. Philadelphia 76ers  35.8 FDP in 41 min

Analysis: Lillard is a  great pick up because is cheaper than Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving but is putting up better numbers than both of them. He should have at least 40 FDP tonight.

3. Jeremy Lin ($5,800) vs. Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder)

A glance at his last three games:

vs. New York Knicks  25.3 FDP in 27 min
@ Dallas Mavericks  30.5 FDP in 27 min
@ Atlanta Hawks  29.6 FDP in 25 min

Analysis: Lin is producing well for the amount of minutes he’s playing. In the last five games he’s scored 20+ FDP. For his price that is pretty good. He can serve as a good paycut and will probably have around 30 FDP.


Do you agree with the top 3? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.


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