FanDuel: Top 3 Small Forwards 3/14/17

1. LeBron James ($11,200) vs. Marcus Morris (Detroit Pistons)

A glance at his last three games:

@ Houston Rockets 41.9 FDP in 40 min
@ Orlando Magic  55.9 FDP in 38 min
@ Detroit Pistons  60.6 FDP in 39 min

Analysis: You can’t go wrong with James, he consistently puts up big numbers justifying his price. The last time he played the Pistons he scored 60.6 in just 39 minutes. Just keep an eye on his rest days as the season comes to an end.

2. Paul George ($8,100) vs. Carmelo Anthony  (New York Knicks)

A glance at his last three games:

vs. Miami Heat  43.5 FDP in 37 min
@ Milwaukee Bucks  43.2  FDP in 42 min
vs. Detroit Pistons  32.6 FDP in 29 min

Analysis: If you are looking for a cheaper small forward, George is a good pick up in tonight’s slate. He has scored in double figure the entire month of March and should continue to do so. Expect him to score over 40 FDP.

3. Carmelo Anthony ($7,700) vs. Paul George (Indiana Pacers)

A glance at his last three games:

@ Brooklyn Nets  38.9 FDP in 37 min
@ Detoit Pistons  18.2 FDP in 36 min
@ Milwaukee Bucks  25.3 FDP in 40 min

Analysis: When Anthony is hot he puts up good numbers on the scoreboard. With Anthony and Georg battling it out tonight, this should be a good matchup. Expect him to have around 35 FDP.


Do you agree with the top 3? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.


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