FanDuel: Top 3 Shooting Guards 3/15/17

1. James Harden ($12,000) vs. David Nwaba  (Los Angeles Lakers)

Glance at his last three games:

vs. Cleveland Cavaliers 66.5 FDP in 40 min
@ Chicago Bulls 46.9 FDP in 33 min
vs. Utah Jazz 48.8 FDP in 37 min

Analysis: Harden will dominate the Lakers tonight. The only drawback might be if the Rockets sit players because they are beating the Lakers by 20+points.


2. Bradley Beal ($8,100) vs. Seth Curry (Dallas Mavericks)

Glance at his last three games:

@ Minnesota Timberwolves 37.8 FDP in 38 min
@ Portland Trail Blazers 37.2 FDP in 33 min
@  Sacramento Kings 58 FDP in 43 min

Analysis: Beal scores in the high 30s on a slow night and has the potential to score over 50 FDP too. He should be the beneficiary of the match up against Curry. He should score about 4o FDP tonight.


3. Jeremy Lamb ($4,900) vs. C.J. Miles (Indiana Pacers)

Glance at his last three games:

vs. Chicago Bulls 34.8 FDP in 31 min
vs. New Orleans Pelicans 25.8 FDP in 21 min
vs. Orlando Magic 24.5 FDP in 28 min

Analysis: With Nicolas Batum out with a migraine, Lamb has seen an increase in minutes. He is cheap and will probably get around 30 FDP.

Do you agree with the top 3? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.


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